Pilar Nebot de Rafael

I was born and raised in Barcelona, a city that awakened my passion and admiration for architecture and design.

As a small girl, I would spend my time drawing flowing dresses like the ones Greek women wear. Although I knew little on the subject, I already knew what I liked and what I wanted to be.


I went on to study design at the Barcelona School of Art and Fashion and later took a course in personal shopping at the Fashion Design School in Madrid. I even won two awards. One in 1985, the Second Nobel Prize in Fashion in Barcelona and the second in 1986, the First National Prize in Women’s Leather Fashion, in Madrid.


I worked at Burberry Spain for 25 years, specialised in women’s wear, where I learnt alongside experienced professionals in the sector. There I was taught about the importance of the care and attention that goes into the finishes in garments, all of which gave me greater insight and ingrained into me the importance of a COMMITMENT to EXCELLENCE.

I have always felt curiosity for learning about all those things that I like; not only architecture and design, but also ballet, sculpture, painting, music, and aesthetics in general. All of this has motivated and enriched me as a person in addition to all my years of experience, and made me what I am today.

My extreme passion for the sheer richness of different fabrics has led me today, at the age of 55, for the first time, to launch a collection of bags for today’s contemporary woman – strong and limitless, women who know what they want.